Tudtad, hogy..? Villányban a szőlő után
a legjellegzetesebb gyümölcs a meggy.


Our philosophy „On the way of traditions”

About our Distillery in Magyarbóly

The Wine Region of Villány is one of the most famous in Hungary. The region offers perfect, fine quality products, made with outstanding skills, respect for traditions at the same time with up-to-date technologies. Our factory is situated in Magyarbóly right next to Wine Region of Villány. Most of the raw material of our pálinkas and spirits comes from the wine production. Thanks to the high number of sunny hours, the high quality of the vintage and fruit crops are provided. We make the distillation with the most modern technology in two, 1,500 litres capacity cooking cauldron with amplifier, controlled by computer. The production of the destillery is approximately 20,000 litres per year. Villányi Pálinka has a wide range of products from grape marc and fruit palinkas to liqueurs.

Our philosophy is to produce the best quality palinkas out of the finest ingredients from the region which increase the reputation of the region of Villány. The number of medals we have won in the previous years are the proof of the ’Villányi’ quality. We started to pack our greatest palinkas in elegant and attractive new bottles. In 2014, our collection was extended with a special product, with the Green Walnut liqueur, which was awarded in the same year at Destillata Spirit Awards with a bronze medal together with our the Sour-Cherry palinka and the Master Essence.

Our Products: the Villányi Pálinkas

  • Grape Marc Palinkas

    43-50-70% alcohol content

    Marc means the parts of the grape remain in the press in the course of the wine production. Our premium marc palinkas have 43% and according to the Hungarian traditions 50%, and also 70% alcohol content. We fill it elegant dark bottles with 0,35 litres capacity. The flavours and aromas reproduce the special character of the grape type. The products have a blend of mixed villányi grape marc pálinka, portugieser, merlot, kékfrankos and cabernet sauvignon. The marc palinkas have a pure and characteristic red grape marc taste harmony with a touch of peanut fragrance and a pleasant grape must after- taste.

  • Fruit Palinkas with dried fruits

    38% alcohol content

    Special Hungarian products are the pálinkas with dried fruits. Villányi Pálinka has grape marc, muscat, plum and sour-cherry palinkas with dried fruits.

  • Fruit Palinkas

    43% alcohol content

    We produce fruit palinkas, distilling the finest fruits which are grown in the region. Our main fruit products made of plum, apricot, sour- cherry, cherry, pear and blackthorn. Our grape selection (riesling, chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon) is also from the well known wine region of Villány.

  • Brandies, EXR Brandy

    40-43% alcohol content

    Our brandies which made of Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Gris and other Hungarian wine species like Kéknyelű or Zengő, reflect the main characteristics of the wines. One of the best essence called Villányi Master Essence is gold medalist at HunDeszt (Hungarian Spirit Award). We produce wine essence matured in oak barrels with 40% alcohol content. Thanks to thoughtful distillation, and maturing in oak barrels the speciality of Villányi wines being complete in Villányi EXR Brandy. The Villányi EXR Brandy is amber colored, with spicy, lightly sweet taste.

  • Mini Villányi Pálinka Selection

    Our Mini Selection contains 5 palinkas and 1 brandy, each of them are in 0,04 litres bottles. The selection has the following tastes: Sour-Cherry, Plum, Muscat, Strawberry, Grape Marc and a special, Cabernet Sauvignon Brandy.

  • Mini Buckled Bottles

    Our mini palinkas are bottled in 0,04 litres traditinal buckled bottles. We offer the following tastes in mini bottles: Grape Marc (43% and 70% alcohol content), Plum and Strawberry palinkas, furthermore Grape Marc, Muscat, Plum and Sour-Cherry palinkas with dried fruits.

For further information please contact us on info@villanyi-palinka.hu!